Frequently Asked Questions


Every individual is different. Extra-ordinary in their own right. But we all share a sense of common curiosity too. This page is an attempt to satisfy that curiosity about my coaching –personal or corporate, by giving answers to questions that frequently surface in conversations.

Needless to say this is not an exhaustive list. So, don't be put off if your very own question is not answered here. Get in touch to ask that question and explore how we could work together.


Do YOU follow a particular method of coaching?

Lorem ipsum. **[SEE Video on Coaching vs Mentoring vs Therapy]** + Schools of Thought. 'I make sure this doesn't turn into a cozy chat'. I adjust the pace to your requirements, whether it is fast or more relaxed what you prefer. For me, it's about teamwork and I want you to feel that we're on the same team. I don't believe in one-size-fits-all when it comes to coaching. I have exposure to different schools of thought, which I cherry pick based on the matter at hand.


What's your process?


What's your style?

Compassionate provocateur. 150% empathy. But I like to probe and poke and push you outside your comfort zone.


WHO sets the agenda when we meet?

Depending on our nature of coaching, sessions can be standalone, or we may need to maintain a continuity of a particular matter over a small number of sessions. However, we need to make sure that we keep space for our usual updates.


Where do we meet? why is this important?


Do you offer virtual coaching?

I do! Almost 30% of my coachees are based internationally, which makes my coaching sessions rather special for me: different cultures, different mindsets. No coaching session is identical to another! There are adversaries to virtual coaching, but I consider this is as another medium of connecting.

Besides, my excellent mentor and wonderful coach are located in Oxford and New York respectively, so virtual coaching absolutely works for me personally.

Each medium offers a different coaching experience. It may or may not be suitable for what you need. If you live outside London, I would definitely invite you to try.


How long does a typical coaching session last?

Original session: 1.5 hrs. Subsequent sessions, between 55-min to 1.5 hrs depending on the nature of our coaching engagement that is suitable for you.


can i come and see you during my lunch break?

Sure, only if your lunch breaks allow –at least– 60 minutes of clear, uninterrupted conversation, excluding travel time. Can we meet closer to work to make this happen? Of course! However it would be best to avoid meeting at your workplace. See 'virtual coaching' for very busy leaders.


Is your coaching 'touchy-feely'?

No, it is not. Although you may have noticed that I talk about people, their happiness and creativity, stressing out the importance of emotion management, emotional intelligence, brain architecture, fulfilment are important conversation topics for any leader that deals with people –who doesn't?

Although you may have noticed that I take your mind's wellbeing very seriously, this may be misinterpreted as touchy-feely. I may come across as gentle, I can certainly adjust to accommodate your needs, perhaps more goal-driven and less xxxx. Acknowledge the power of emotions in our professional lives and connect them to accelerate our performance and of the people around us.


How much does it cost?

The frequency and duration of our coaching depends on the matters that you bring on the table. I will be able to recommend a suitable cadence following our initial discovery session. Also, bear in mind that apart from the financial commitment, this journey requires time, effort and dedication –on both sides: yours and mine.

A typical 6-month personal coaching programme for individuals starts at £2,200 (incl. VAT). In organisations, my personal coaching programmes include triad meetings to align expectations and define outcomes. Regular touchpoints between yourself and your manager for progress updates are also included. A typical 6-month engagement starts at £4,500 (excl. VAT).

For team and organisational coaching, we design the engagement together based on the needs of the organisation. Get in touch to discuss further.


How do you make sure that our conversations remain confidential?

We meet outside your workplace, in a private and confidential setting. My coaching notes are encrypted with military-grade cryptographic keys. I also keep personal and commercial data completely separate. I'm fully aware of social engineering techniques and how to avoid them. In social settings, I rarely talk about my coachees, unless I have their undeniable, written permission. See also my values in congruence with Code of Ethics for my professional behaviour.


In corporate coaching, do I need to go through personal coaching too?

That's an interesting question! Instead of giving a direct answer, I would invite you to answer the following questions instead. Do you influence your peers, team and wider organisation in any shape or form? Do you think yourself as a contributor to the organisational culture? Have you experienced a drop or increase in the performance in your team because of your behaviour, actions or mood? Do your emotions affect, even subtly, the behaviour or performance of your team? Do you find yourself isolated while trying to help your company? If any of these questions resonated with you, I would suggest to consider personal coaching as well, as you are a fundamental part of a holistic approach to improve your organisation.


What are the areas that you specialise in?

Team dynamics, performance improvement, settling into your new role, fulfilment at work, confidence in your abilities, confidence in public speaking, identity issues.


Do you provide discreet invoicing?

My coaching is billed through a limited company that provides management consulting services. To make sure that your confidentiality is fully maintained, we can discuss ways to accommodate the billing process to your individual needs. Get in touch to discuss further.


What's the address of your registered office for formal Enquiries?

It's RedRazor Ltd (c/o: Dr Jackson Lai), 86-90 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NE. Limited company registered in England and Wales with Company Number: 08489272. Registered for Data Protection with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) with Registration Number: ZA237891.